The Nature of Dharma


 We’ve heard this word before… but what does it mean?  Dharma is what you are meant to do in this lifetime.   For example, the dharma of a bird is to fly.  It is what comes to us effortlessly as the highest expression of our life’s purpose.

Ancient Vedic seers called Rishis were able to understand at a quantum level that we are all made of light. They also knew that we are directly connected to all things through a web of life, a prism of light.

Each individual soul is an imprint of the patterns of light at the time of birth.  How do you align with the purest, most radiant expression of your inner light?

1. Identify your Dharma

2. Allow the highest expression of that Dharma to flow through you

3. Surrender the outcome

Presented By: Andi Bond

Andi practices Jyotisha Life Insight Coaching using ancient Vedic knowledge

Life Insight Coach ~ Vedic Astrology ~ Meditation ~ Sanskrit ~ Mantra ~ Yoga

Delray Beach, FL


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