We are all Stardust

Image courtesy of National Geographic: Photo of the day

I remember my first teacher about the sky… My Dad. He would teach me all about the stars, planets, galaxies, scientists and sparked my quest for lifelong learning.

Whenever I look up at the starry sky, I am reminded of the big picture, of how miraculous this creation is. I see god in the stars.

When I was 10, I began studying religions. I studied Christianity, Buddhism, The Baha’i Faith, Wicca, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Hinduism.

I also began studying science. I was fascinated by Einstein and Hawking.

In college, I studied Astrophysics. I had a class one semester on black holes. I was in awe of the then theoretical black holes and how all of our “understanding” of the laws of physics were turned on their head. Time is relative? Yes. Space is relative? Yes.

What exists in the center of a black hole? Wormholes? Entrances to other galaxies?

My study of science and religion has brought me to my current understanding of god. There is an intelligent and miraculous consciousness behind all of creation. So beautiful, so incredible that we can only catch small glimpses of its splendor.

I am in awe and almost brought to tears when I gaze upon pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope of distant galaxies… of areas of space that we thought were empty – only to discover that there are Thousands of Galaxies in each picture.

My investigation into String Theory began to explain what I always intuitively knew. We are literally made of particles of light vibrating at different frequencies. A beautiful symphony of creation.

Wouldn’t you know the ancient cultures knew this. They knew that we are all connected to the whole. That we are an imprint of the universal light at the time of our birth.

The core frequency I am connected to in Vedic Astrology is Mula, a group of 9 stars at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. In the center of those 9 stars is a black hole.

You see, I am an expression of this energy. Thus my lifelong quest for knowledge – merging science and god.

Anytime I think I know something… I gaze at the stars in humility and awe.

We are all Stardust


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