An Experiment in Peace

Photograph by Max Edin, Your Shot: National Geographic Photo of the Day

So, The Secret, Quantum Physics, all of the great mystics, sages, rishis and ancient cultures know about the true nature of this universe.

They all teach that we are part of an interconnected web of vibration. A beautiful symphony. All we are is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

We create our reality. Our thoughts and emotions are creative and manifest our physical world in any way we choose.

Each and every thought and feeling we experience has an effect on the whole.

Here’s where I kept getting stuck. If this universe (and others) are merely a projection of light, an interconnected web of intelligent consciousness and infinite possibilities that will ultimately dissolve back into itself…. into the infinite perfection of love and light – then what’s the point?

Does what we do in each instant really matter? Isn’t everything always happening as it should? Isn’t this reality here for us to experience all aspects of ourselves? The good, the bad, the ugly?

If we are all one, then do I really have any effect on the whole? Isn’t part of “me” choosing unrest so that I can know peace?

I keep coming back to the fact that Love, Peace and Joy and thoughts of Love, Peace and Joy are more than just idle emotions. Entangled in each of these emotions is the purest frequency of who we are. They are the ultimate truth.

Why have we chosen war and suffering? Because we forgot there was another way.

What if we remember it?

What if by making a conscious choice to feel Love, Peace and Joy, we have a profound impact on the world. What if we can choose to experience truth here and now.

Lets do an experiment. For the next 30 days. I will only choose Love, Joy and Peace. I know this sounds impractical, but lets just see what happens. Every time I feel anything other than Love, Joy and Peace, I will make a conscious decision to change my emotion about whatever it is that is in front of me.

Care to join?

Lets change the world one moment at a time


3 thoughts on “An Experiment in Peace

  1. Emily

    From what I understand, if we are all one, then we each affect everything. As a more tangible example, your body is a whole. Each cell is a part of the body; if one cell is sick, it does affect the whole doesn’t it? All cells share the same space and time, don’t they?


  2. JoAnne Rees Ehlinger

    on the level of effect yes this appears to be true.. but on the level of soul no, in reality nothing can affect what you essentially are! You are what you are, the thoughts, feelings and experiences of this world are like the clothes you wear, when you take them off at night, they have not left a mark on your body.



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