The Energetics of Healing

Photograph by Julia Baverstock, My Shot; National Geographic Photo of the Day.

As I sit here, day 5 of the flu, I am thinking about the energetics of healing. I am inspired. For years, I have studied spirituality, healing, truth, infinity, quantum physics.

It seems as though this “illness” has proven to be an opportunity. An opportunity to practice stillness, gratitude and healing. Truth is, I have had many such opportunities in my life.

I have had 2 brain surgeries, endometriosis surgery, athsma, migraines, ovarian cysts, depression, etc… since I was 2 years old.

This has given me direct experience of dis-ease as well as healing. As soon as I chose within my body that the brain tumor was no longer a problem, it wasn’t. In fact, the next day my Neurosurgeon told me I would never again need another MRI.

The truth is, I have allowed healing through my thoughts and emotions. Just as is taught by every great philosophy, religion, teaching, and science… We are creators. We chose our experience. We manifest what we believe.

I have read these truths. I am experiencing these truths.

To be alive today, during a time when god and science are merging, is truly a gift. We understood what the ancients knew, that our existence is part of a beautiful web of energy.

We have the power to create peace, miracles and magic.

We receive what we give… Literally. Whether it be pain or joy, fear or love.

There is no right or wrong, only a choice. Joy, Love, Truth. For these things I yearn, for these things I search, for these things I strive to remember.

Yet the secret to all of this is that Joy, Love, Truth and Abundance are here now.

When I align my thoughts and my emotions with joy and love, I create healing, and miracles.

How? Through gratitude. Through the experience of abundance. Through the experience of healing.

There are so many possibilities, I cannot even imagine. All I need to do is trust and rest in life as it unfolds… exactly as it unfolds.

I deserve Happiness, Health, Abundance and Joy…. and so do YOU!

Does this mean I will never get the flu again? Maybe, maybe not. However, all I have to do to heal is choose gratitude, compassion, and love.

As I write this, I have an overwhelming feeling that our tiny planet in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way Galaxy is such a gift. We live in a reality that grants us exactly what we ask for. We are creators of our own lives.

Together, I feel that we are creating a world that exists on a very high frequency of truth. We are given opportunities to practice this manifestation every day.

We are given opportunities to shift our perception, to shift our projection, to shift our consciousness, to change our beliefs.

If I believe that I am not deserving, that I am not good enough, that is what I will create and experience.

However, when I see the truth that has been passed down through the ages, that I am perfect as I am, that I am beautiful, that I am deserving of only joy, love and peace… Then I can transmit that truth to you… Then we can Fly!

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU
xo Andi


Life Insight Coach ~ Vedic Astrology ~ Meditation ~ Sanskrit ~ Mantra ~ Yoga

Delray Beach, FL


One thought on “The Energetics of Healing

  1. Janis Lee MItchell

    I so get ur message and keep enlightening our journeys……together we travel on and through…. open to all possibilities , janlee



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