Making Peace with the past

Photograph by Fredrik Lonnqvist, My Shot – National Geographic

Each year in Thailand, there is a festival in which thousands of lanterns are released into the sky and onto the water.   The floating lantern symbolizes letting go of all one’s hatred, anger, and defilements.    I believe that these monks are showing us the need to make peace with the past.

A few months ago, I made a decision to practice peace in my thoughts and emotions.

The first few days were incredible… I saw the beauty of life available to me wherever I looked.   It was as if I were looking at the world through new eyes.    Things were bright and beautiful.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed that deep emotions and troubling thoughts were trying to invade my newfound utopia.   At first, I thought I must be doing something wrong… peace is available in every moment, right?   Why was I experiencing such turmoil?

What I have come to understand is that in order to be at peace in the present, I had to do some work with my past.  I had been trying whole heartedly to delve into the beauty of the present moment, but I couldn’t access it because I kept being pulled back into the past.

I realized that I had to take a deep look at my life.  It required taking stock in my thoughts, my actions, my beliefs. I had to be honest, fearless and thorough.   I needed to acknowledge situations that had caused me harm or pain.   I needed to purge and purify my past.

I put in writing everything that I could think of that was still taking up space in my heart and mind.   When I did that, I noticed that my perspective began to shift….  I was starting to take responsibility for my life.   I was owning up to my part of each situation.  I was looking at the harm I may have caused.   I was seeing things in an entirely new light.

Where there had been resentment, anger, hurt… I noticed compassion and forgiveness were taking their place.   I have heard it said that forgiveness is the act of letting go of the notion that you can change the past.   It is acceptance.

This was not necessarily a pleasant process… it was intense and painful.  It was the fire of transformation.   For something to transmute and change form – you must apply heat.   I was burning away that which no longer served me.

I had let go – Just as the lanterns are lifted to the sky


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