New Moon in Leo – August 2014


Each new moon we have a chance to start anew.   It is the beginning of a cycle of the sun.   On the new moon, the sun and moon come together.   In Vedic Astrology, this day is called Amavasya.  It is a wonderful day for meditation, to go deep into your source of being and access that place of stillness that exists at your very core.

Each new moon begins a new cycle.  This month, the new moon takes place in the sign of Leo, specifically in the nakshatra of Magha.   Magha means, The Mighty, The Magnanimous, The Great, The Magnificent.  The symbol is the throne.   Magha is connected to the deities in the vedas called the Pitris – they are the ancestors – the bloodline.   The royal bloodline bestows the kingdom to the next rightful heir.

Magha also has a very mystical side to it.  Magha is ruled by the planet Ketu – the south node of the moon.   Magha has an ability to cut ties with the material world in order to ascend to higher planes of existence.   Kings have all of their needs taken care of so that they are fit for exploration of spirituality and enlightenment.

What does this mean for you?  This new moon is an opportunity to claim your power.  You have the ability to create your own kingdom in this world.

However, with great power, comes great responsibility.   The mark of a true king or queen is one who recognizes him/herself as a servant to the people.   What kind of leader do you want to be?  This is where bloodline comes in.  Through our lineage, we inherit certain traits, patterns, characteristics.  Much of the time, these carry on in our lives and are passed on to the next generation because they are conditioned within us.  I’m talking about our unconscious responses to the world.

Many are destined to continue on…”the sins of the father”.   However, right now, you have an opportunity to turn your attention inward.   Today you can take a moment and connect to the light that is within you.   Can you see it?  It’s a still point of peace, connectedness, compassion, love and light that is you.   When you turn your awareness inward to a place of meditation, you can liberate yourself and your ancestors.

It’s said that when one finds the path of meditation and yoga, they liberate 7 generations forward and backward in time.  This new moon is an opportunity for such liberation.

Look inside.  Hold onto the gifts you were given through your various lineages.   Plant seeds that carry these on.   At the same time, bless all those who came before you and brought you to this exact moment in time.  Release and forgive.


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