Guru – That which removes darkness – Happy Guru Purnima 2015

CandlelightSki02Guru Purnima – July 31, 2015  6:45 am- East Coast United States

Guru Purnima is a very auspicious day in the Vedic Calendar.  Guru Purnima takes place in the month of Ashadha in the Vedic Calendar.  Guru Purnima is one of the most important celebrations of the year in India. It is the day that we honor Guru.   Guru means “that which removes darkness”.   

This year Guru Purnima takes place in Capricorn in the constellation of Shravana.   Shravana means “heard” or “one who listens”.  The full moon is the balancing point in the sun cycle that starts on the day of the new moon.   The current cycle we are in started in Cancer, which is all about connection, heart opening, emotions, and our connection to the collective.   When we start to learn about connections, we often find ourselves too intertwined with others.   This is the lesson of the full moon this Guru Purnima.   There is a balancing point between connection and solitude.   As always, there exists a paradox in spiritual lessons. In this case, we learn that true connection is not about reaching outside ourselves to have someone or something fill the hole in our lives.   When we look to others to fill us up, we detach in a way from the source of true connection which is spirit.   Therefore, when we get too dependent on others we start to feel empty, controlling, resentful and become a bit co-dependent.

The answer is to turn within and find the ability to fill ourselves up.   This can only come when we start to listen – using the power of Shravana.  When we use our ears, we can start to connect.  The eyes divide and distinguish.  The ears bring together, harmonize sounds, and tune in.   When we quiet the mind and listen, we can start to hear the truth – We are all one. Ultimately, there is no division.  We are full and perfect beings of spirit having a human experience.  There is nothing in the material world that can fill us up.   When we live from this truth, we don’t need anything from others.  We can be a cup overflowing.  However, the paradox is we can only find this connection through solitude.  We must go into ourselves alone – walk through the fear and darkness of our emotional inner landscape in order to find true connection.  When we discover this connection, we are able to have truly fulfilling relationships in all areas of our lives.   Today, let us honor those people, experiences and things that have assisted us in reaching this truth in our lives.

What is a Guru?

A Guru is not always a person.  It is people, events, experiences that serve us in the highest sense.  Guru removes darkness from our life and helps us wake up to the truth of our nature.  The truth is that we are all connected at a cellular level – we are love, light, and joy.  Guru is that which makes us evolve, expand, and grow.

Guru shows you possibilities for your life that you never even knew existed.

What in your life has helped you learn compassion, selflessness, forgiveness, surrender?

This is Guru.

Why do we need another thing, person or event to show us the way?  Can’t we just find it ourselves?  Aren’t we our own gurus?   To answer this question, I will turn to my Guru’s teacher, Sri Yukteswar, who said (paraphrasing) ~When we reach our destination, we can throw away the map.   Until that point, we need direction.  If we didn’t need direction, we would already be there~

It is true humility that allows us to see that we need direction and assistance to discover the truth within.  In this way, it is another paradox of this Guru Purnima that we must look to those experiences to teach us to go within so that we can truly form meaningful connection with others.

We must humble ourselves and bow.  I would not be who I am without the teachers in my life.  I am standing on the shoulders of giants.  I did not accomplish anything in my life without support, direction, and guidance.  It is my guides to whom I owe a debt of gratitude.   I am nothing without those that have come before and supported me along the way.

Today we stand with full hearts in deep gratitude to Guru.  We would not be who we are or where we are were it not for all of the teachers in our lives that have blessed us with grace, wisdom, truth, discipline and love.     Guru is wisdom and humility.

When I think of my teachers – my ancestors, my life experiences, my parents, my spiritual guru – It brings up so much reverence that I am filled with humility and gratitude.

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