Here’s what people are saying after having a reading!!


Jeremy B

Gold star
Amazing insight to what I was missing as a whole. Andi helped me discover the new me, and with that a guidance of life and meaning.

Taylor B

Gold star
A great learning experience among other things- a lot of epiphanies came up as well as other areas and ideas for exploration. So happy I went.



Gold star
I loved learning about the deities I am most connected to. Thank you for the validation that my mind is strong and pointing out that my thoughts are a tool to be used with discipline. I will practice meditation with renewed insight. Thank you, Andi, for encouraging me to discover my creative side and also the gift of acceptance of myself. The entire session was very enlightening.


Debbie C.
Gold star

I felt a wealth of knowledge being shared with me in a warm and caring atmosphere with my reading from Andi. I am so happy I have met her and will recommend her services without hesitation.

Marci H.
Gold star

Helped me to understand myself and helped me head in the, right direction. thank you for your guidance. Very insightful.

Angela Culhane
Gold star

Wow! What an amazing experience. I gained so much insight learning about my Vedic sign. Andi was right on in all aspects of my chart. The interpretation of my chart gave me both tools I could use, and a better understanding of certain aspects of my personality and life. Andi thoroughly explained everything and her knowledge on this ancient wisdom is amazing. Vedic astrology is so insightful and sheds light on so much. I would recommend this to everyone!! 🙂

Carla L.

Gold star 
My appointment today gave me lots of golden nuggets !! I learned more about myself, the universe and where I struggle and shine. I am very grateful to have experienced this beautiful wise teaching 🙂


Steven C.

Gold star
Andi has a beautiful gift and a wonderful spirit. Thank you for enlightening my partner and me, and sharing your knowledge of Vedic astrology. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you! Someday, we’ll make it to your meditation class at Greenlands.


Hannah P.
Gold star

Andi was amazing. I left feeling empowered and uplifted! I am recommending her to everyone I know that would be interested in discovering their Vedic astrology! Thank you so much Andi!


Sam M.

Gold star 

It was a lovely setting and a real education to learn about myself more from another perspective. I value your understanding and passion for the reading. Namaste


Rebecca G.

Gold star
I loved today’s meeting. Andi uses her gift to bring enlightenment. Truly wonderful!!

Eddie M.

Gold star
Andi was very knowledgeable, and it was overall a very pleasant experience. After providing my birth date, time, and location, she took a few moments and began telling me things of myself that, well, only I would know. The more we spoke the more I saw she knew about me, and my purpose in this lifetime. Andi also provided a recording of the session which she e-mailed to my personal e-mail address. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about themselves, and their purpose on earth.

Aiten S.

Gold star

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